Welcome to Overseas Graduate Programming. Ladies have gotten more confident within their career decision.

ISP workforce exists (during business hours) by e-mail, phone and focus. Please go to the Zoom looking neighborhood during Drop-In days (witness desk). (You may want to sign up with meeting identification: 400-533-578.)

ISP Many Hours (Efficient January 11, 2021)

Highline institution try somewhere where professors and pupils study on each other and interact with each other to create a universal area right here at Highline. All of our university is a spot for students to develop unique relationships and acquire involved in academic, athletic, educational and public actions.

Whether you are curious about technology practice or hospitality, breastfeeding or sales, educational trade or learning during the U.S., Highline offers someplace for every person.

Next Kids

If you are searching for the place to analyze in the United States where to meet other people, staying reinforced in investigations and be a part of a residential area, collect a certification or transport to a 4-year institution, Highline features potential for anyone. View all of our upcoming Students section to educate yourself regarding what we offering.


Highline provides international pupils special possibility to live directly on grounds in an exciting new apartment tricky present only procedures out of your classrooms and college student website locations. Read all of our cover page to read more about our house dormitory and other homes alternatives in the region.

ESL Packages

Highline mate with Kaplan to offer you English tongue courses upon the Highline grounds. If you want to training your own English to improve the TOEFL or IELTS achieve, or plan for educational researches for the U.S., you’ll analyze ESL entirely on the Highline campus through Kaplan. View the English expertise page for information regarding admissions demands and so the Kaplan ESL system.

University Lovers

College students can help to save thousands of dollars by coming to Highline university before converting to a 4-year college. Highline couples with many different schools in america and globally to offer you Conditional Approval to a 4-year institution for college students who are admitted to Highline college or university. View our number of college lovers, and read more about widely used school transfer solutions on our very own school transactions web page.

Training and grants

Discover more about the expense of attending a school in the fees and expenses page. Besides the money you’ll save with Highline’s lower college tuition price, we all also provide grants for international pupils which might somewhat eliminate college tuition overhead; learn more on our very own grants page.

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Eva Auchincloss happens to be designated because very first executive director from the Foundation. You start free chat room in guyanese with only $5,000 and working off donated office space in San Mateo, CA., she produces the basis from a fledgling business with a dwindling savings account to an expanding energy with a $one million endowment. Auchincloss makes a place to provide professional athletes into the WSF consultative aboard – such as Jane Blalock, Donna de Varona, Chris Evert, Diane Holum, Joan Joyce, Micki King, Karen Logan, Sandra, Paula Sperber, and Jyomia Tyus.

Young women are becoming more confident within job opportunities and aren’t scared to find tasks controlled by people. These are typically witnessing even more girls operating in engineering employment and faculty duties, knowning that’s vital. We’ve observed extra women in teaching positions here in Watson university, and that possess served very. Getting excel- lent part versions during university is necessary to building self esteem in work road.