So now no need to worry anymore, if you encounter the computer error loading operating system problem while trying to boot the computer. Try the above methods to troubleshoot the computer error caused due to any of hard drive issue or damaged operating system files. Whenever a computer powers on and starts up, its BIOS and CMOS start working on the system setup, check the hard drives, and then boot the operating system. During the process, if there is any issue in the hard drive, the operating system is not launched and you can’t open your desktop. Yes, your computer’s operating system has the ability to scan for both physical and software errors.

  • Press “Win + R”, then in the Run box type regedit and hit Enter.
  • If you experience crashes, you can take your computer back in time with system restore.
  • The first port of call is the System File Checker.
  • I am sure this post helped you on How to fix The File Directory is corrupted and unreadable error in Windows 10 with several easy steps/methods.

That’s all close command prompt and log off from the current user. Create a user account using command prompt is simple and easy. Now open the program that causing file system error, hope there is no more error. If you are getting file system error while open third-party application we recommend reinstalling the application.

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It is one of the most complex parts of your PC. It is a complex database that contains the settings, hardware, application, and other information related to PC. To ensure the safety and functioning of the Windows Registry, we should regularly scan for broken paths and errors using a tool. Unlike CCleaner, Auslogics Registry Cleaner solely handles registry errors. Hence, removing the wrong registry entry can result in your operating system or application failing to work correctly. The most important thing you’ll want to do when editing the registry is to export the entire key before you make any changes—don’t ever assume that you can just change the value back.

how to check driver errors in windows 10

To resolve this, start by checking your internet connection. Ideally, you want a strong Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. Don’t use your cellular data connection, as updating uses your monthly allotment and often causes these error messages. Use your storage device to move settings to the Recovery Utility. Fully reset your Chromebook while keeping as much of your data as safe as possible.

If this process is not able to repair the corrupted registry file then, it is advisable to run a file recovery software to check and restore the corrupted file. For example, they will start up automatically at boot-up together to take control, and this stretches through the limits of most systems capacities. They might also try to access the same hard drive physical location or space at the same.

Disconnecting Usb Drives

Alternatively, a slightly quicker method is to browse to the location with the backup, right-click the file and select Merge. The file will be automatically imported to your registry. The system32 directory contains Windows system files and software program files, vital to the operation of the Windows operating system and software programs running in Windows. The most common types of files found in the system32 directory are DLL and EXE files.

However, there is an alternate solution and that is SysInfoTools Windows Data Recovery software. It is a prominent solution to restore corrupt Windows data. To open the System Restore window, click the Start menu and enter “restore” in the search box.