For a different version, search for the first 8 pairs and fill in the rest with the last 4 pairs you will find on your version. I’m trying to set up an AWS Lightsail instance and ran into a surprising trap. This instance is running Windows Server 2019 and the greedy SOB’s only allow 2 simultaneous RDP connections. Purchasing Remote Desktop Services CAL’s is ridiculously expensive at about $100/user. I’m thinking about patching termsrv.dll just like I”ve done successfully on a Windows 10 computer. The problem here, is that you have to be able to connect to the instance other than with RDP.

  • Xlive.dll file, also known as Games for Windows – LIVE DLL, is commonly associated with Microsoft® Games for Windows® – LIVE.
  • But when I tried uninstalling this flashy suite from my machines… Oh my gosh!
  • Doing so will stop Windows from automatically downloading updates using the wireless network.

Windows 10 keeps updating automatically in the background and consume Internet data, if you are on a limited data plan then it may exhaust in a few hours. Many users connect their laptop/PC to the smartphone’s hotspot to access the internet. To block Windows from reinstalling updates you have already uninstalled, you can use the Show/Hide Tool. Note that this will not prevent windows from installing updates, only from reinstalling them once you have uninstalled them.

Keep in mind that the methods below will block driver and software updates but not security updates. Windows will continue to push security updates to prevent exploits.

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The basic approach will be to stop the Windows Update service and then disable it so it can’t be automatically started by subsequent automated update attempts. Unfortunately, while Windows 10 Professional has some control over when updates are installed, Windows 10 Home has no such option. Unfortunately, in recent months we’ve seen Windows Updates cause problems on a small number1 of machines. The ability to disable Windows Update — even temporarily — can be an important step in getting on with your work while you await updated updates that no longer cause problems.

Just be careful not to turn the Windows 10 service off and forget to check for updates. While automatic updates can be problematic, letting your system lag behind critical updates can also have serious consequences in the long run. If you’re using WiFi for the internet, you can set it as a metered connection on your PC. Doing so will stop Windows from automatically downloading updates using the wireless network.

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Diego, you can pass parameters by using macro variables. See my post here about how to export and download any file from SAS Enterprise Guide. We are migrating from PC to Server right now and moving files from our fileservers to the SAS server has turned out to be a nightmare. Bjiang, because SAS Studio is browser-based, the concept of uploading/downloading files is different.

Windows always installs the updates when you are trying to shut down your computer or laptop. In general, it is a troublesome issue for most users and many users wonder whether there is a way to disable Windows 10 update permanently.

We have computers connected to laboratory instruments that are required to be running 24/7. These random updates/restarts result in loss of data and money. I’ve been using windows since 3.1.1, but after the complete disaster that is 10, I will not buy another windows computer again. After my laptop with 7 on it dies, I will be switching to a Linux-based platform. When this policy is enabled, you’ll see Some settings are managed by your organization message under Advanced options of Windows Update.

You will receive mail with link to set new password. Microsoft stop support for the older versions, so it is always advisable to keep the windows updated. Automatic updates provide latest security patches, which let the computer be protected from the latest threats. Windows Update causes problems for some people and the twice-a-year is too often. Microsoft should slow down and one update a year is enough. Have you tried disabling the Windows Update service? I disabled Windows Update and plan to update through third-party tools.